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Ramy RC

I build and fly big RC airplanes.

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  1. Yones Ahmad

    Yones AhmadHace 3 horas


  2. Fabian Wiedemann

    Fabian WiedemannHace 8 horas

    from which manufacture - company the retract come from ?

  3. Fabian Wiedemann

    Fabian WiedemannHace 8 horas

    why not use a retract with 100 or 105 degree moving angle , all Problems will be solved

  4. James Harton

    James HartonHace 8 horas

    I love seeing your workflow on Fusion 360. I use the same tool for 3D printing, laser cutting and machining. I have a question about how you accomodate the skin thickness in your designs? Do you make the part and measure it before designing the internal parts or do you have an idea how thick the fuse skin will be before you start?

  5. Shindhe Madhavi

    Shindhe MadhaviHace 9 horas

    your so genius😁😘😉😉

  6. Maxi Cambo

    Maxi CamboHace 14 horas

    Omggggg my fav airplane💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Nice choice


    ZAINUL DRUMMERHace 15 horas

    Where to buy the Commercial Airplane?

  8. Jafar Ahammed

    Jafar AhammedHace 17 horas

    Can u make atr72-500 plane DIY

  9. Julian Beckham

    Julian BeckhamHace 17 horas

    Hi Ramy, what was the final layer film you used after laying the fibreglass and carbon?

  10. muri nurfajar

    muri nurfajarHace 19 horas

    7:04 opening rendy rangers

  11. Mantis 04

    Mantis 04Hace 20 horas

    @RamyRc you can do vacuum Bagging with a 3D Printed mold, yet the bag needs to go all the way around. (You put the mold into a vacuum bag) But you need to check whether your mold can withstand the pressure.

  12. Azriel James Esplana

    Azriel James EsplanaHace 20 horas

    You should have put a reverse thrust system in that a350 and other planes that youve made

  13. Nano Brawl Stars

    Nano Brawl StarsHace un día

    rip gear

  14. CaptainQuili

    CaptainQuiliHace un día

    Is the airbus beluga in the future?

  15. Adrian Untalan

    Adrian UntalanHace un día

    At this point, just build a personal airplane... LOL

  16. The Flying Gasmask

    The Flying GasmaskHace un día

    It's gonna be a monster :D

  17. erga gorden Adrian

    erga gorden AdrianHace un día

    Sir, can I buy a mold?

  18. The LEGO guy

    The LEGO guyHace un día

    It looked like a giant pen before i read the title

  19. Daniel sty

    Daniel styHace un día

    Do you run it on one or 2 6s batterys

  20. Dammer León

    Dammer LeónHace un día

    That's really amazing how it works. Could you test it like a fighter jet or make a vertical takeoff? Is it possible? Good vibes mate!!

  21. Randy Bourdon

    Randy BourdonHace un día

    Great job so far!

  22. Olivier Deco

    Olivier DecoHace un día

    Great onboard video, can you share what camera you use ? thanks Ramy :)

  23. Erik Weseman

    Erik WesemanHace un día

    Is this plane entirely electric-powered?

  24. Mantis 04

    Mantis 04Hace un día

    This Plane is just: <3

  25. Dre Montoya

    Dre MontoyaHace un día

    Are you high?!

  26. 1B Prishant Bickramsingh

    1B Prishant BickramsinghHace un día

    What livery are you going to put on it? I'd like the ANA turtle livery or the Emirates livery

  27. budak gamer

    budak gamerHace un día

    I fell so sad you build entire day

  28. Bhav

    BhavHace un día

    Can you build Mars Rover? Sky Crane next, please that would be intresting.

  29. Tango Digital Systems

    Tango Digital SystemsHace un día

    I love your video and Lufthansa German must be proud of you too!! Looking forward for more projects from you.

  30. Jan Becaus

    Jan BecausHace un día

    Hello, what kind of 3D printer you are using. I am looking for a printer to print large moulds like you do.


    PANTHER GAMING YTHace un día

    Great job

  32. sueyla atalay

    sueyla atalayHace un día

    can you test the 737 max-9 from supreme hobbies?

  33. Interstellar

    InterstellarHace un día

    3rd person irl be like

  34. Kyezxid

    KyezxidHace un día


  35. Ronelson Juit11

    Ronelson Juit11Hace un día

    did you ever tried vertical take off?

  36. xarx

    xarxHace un día

    Very nice plane

  37. superhalo117

    superhalo117Hace un día

    What is the striped layer that you peel off?

  38. Raniel E Velarde

    Raniel E VelardeHace un día

    please make a boeng Phillipine airline im your'e subscriber ty...

  39. Juna Wardi

    Juna WardiHace un día

    boleh mintak pekerjaan boss aku junawardi dari indonesia

  40. J D

    J DHace 2 días

    Omg your music s so annoying. Please consider not adding music to the time lapse.

  41. Hans611

    Hans611Hace 2 días

    awesome Ramy!

  42. Adem Ergül

    Adem ErgülHace 2 días

    We love you Ramy. Awesome work.

  43. Erez Yisrael

    Erez YisraelHace 2 días

    Wtff, amazing

  44. Merlo Ponty777

    Merlo Ponty777Hace 2 días

    "1000 €, yeah, can buy an EDF "THAT PART killed me🤣🤣🤣

  45. José Welington de souza

    José Welington de souzaHace 2 días

    Ter um avião desses deve ser a coisa mais incrível do mundo


    TWO LANE BLACKTOPHace 2 días

    Ramy, you should model slots in those moulds to align them easily with pegs or something and avoid that much sanding. You are welcome

  47. Radheya Lavate

    Radheya LavateHace 2 días

    Hey will there be a tilted gear???

  48. Radheya Lavate

    Radheya LavateHace 2 días

    Excited!! I wonder if he hearts this comment..😶😶

  49. Rohit K

    Rohit KHace 2 días

    I would have never found that 3mm gap. How German is that ...

  50. Fahim khatri

    Fahim khatriHace 2 días

    I want to become a captain of your Boeing 777,. can I sir

  51. Mitchu

    MitchuHace 2 días


  52. Zip po

    Zip poHace 2 días

    super fajne samoloty :)

  53. Dilhani Hettiarachchi

    Dilhani HettiarachchiHace 2 días

    What is the type of board you have used

  54. Ban Bryan

    Ban BryanHace 2 días

    Hi Ramy ,what kind of 3d pringting material do you use?

  55. NAUFAL ZUKAR lubis

    NAUFAL ZUKAR lubisHace 2 días

    please create a reverse trust please

  56. Watch Man

    Watch ManHace 2 días

    Ramy, amazing skills...ive learned a lot! Do you do this full time or do you have a day job as well?

  57. The Krafty Guy

    The Krafty GuyHace 2 días

    I honestly was waiting for the fuselage to collapse into itself when you checked thrust....nice and strong well done

  58. agenttexx

    agenttexxHace 3 días

    I thought it was a giant sharpee.

  59. cushman 11 Firefighter

    cushman 11 FirefighterHace 3 días

    Love you and your content Brother.

  60. kaharuddin kaharuddin

    kaharuddin kaharuddinHace 3 días

    That is gonna be a bigg aeroplane

  61. james bell

    james bellHace 3 días


  62. soliv27

    soliv27Hace 3 días

    As always great video. I hope one day you will explain some tricks about your model aerodynamic, even built from scratch you probably choose a profile foil, camber, swept angle, ... Do you use Xfoil or any specialized software ? (About the base model I'd love more explain about the modification, do you have to set the stabilizer angle more precisely, how to you fix precisely the wing chord, etc...). - I have a side question, do you think it could be easy to make a very slow jetliner without destroying the aspect view, using a cambered profile, slightly bigger and thicker stabilizer ? (I personally like speed but some planes, even jets are so gracious when flyind slow !)

  63. Daniel sty

    Daniel styHace 3 días

    Would you recommend using to 6s 70mm EDF 80amp ESC and two 6s 5000mah batterys or stick with one 6s 5000mah battery

  64. SonicZ

    SonicZHace 3 días

    Your only at 400k!? You deserve 1million!

  65. Erric D Johnson 74

    Erric D Johnson 74Hace 3 días

    Nice save brotha Beautiful plane 🔥👍✌️

  66. Erric D Johnson 74

    Erric D Johnson 74Hace 3 días

    Great job so far I subbed I gotta see this beauty fly 😁🔥👍✌️

  67. Winston BentNC

    Winston BentNCHace 3 días

    Love the videos! I am into rc aviation as well, always wanted to do molding , very impressed.

  68. Kerim Akarpat

    Kerim AkarpatHace 3 días

    Harika iş çıkartıyorsun, tebrik ederim

  69. Gary B

    Gary BHace 3 días

    Just found happened upon your channel. I’ve watched a lot of RC video but not often from a POV perspective of flying and building. I’m subscribing ! Thanks for sharing your experience! Congrats, she’s a beauty ! Also, love, love the camera on the plane...not sure why you didn’t put it in the cockpit...I’ll have to binge watch your build video to learn if you had a rational for the camera placement.

  70. RCnerd74

    RCnerd74Hace 3 días

    Thinking about the maiden flight makes me already nervous :o)

  71. HOTT ch

    HOTT chHace 3 días

    You are really a genius. The plane is perfect. It is a great hand technique.

  72. Simon Glenn

    Simon GlennHace 3 días

    What's the name and price tag on the 3d printer you use?..this is going to be a beast once finished have you any thought concepts for livery?

  73. Vinayak Huracan

    Vinayak HuracanHace 3 días

    The guy is from 2050

  74. John Carey

    John CareyHace 3 días

    Awesome! What scale?

  75. adarsh yadav

    adarsh yadavHace 3 días

    where are you buy transmitter

  76. Pius King Chung Yu

    Pius King Chung YuHace 3 días

    Did you fix that 787?

  77. Santri Perantau

    Santri PerantauHace 3 días

    Very" amazing...👍👍👍

  78. combong cilik

    combong cilikHace 3 días

    Pada ngomong apa Jajal di translate

  79. ConversationWay

    ConversationWayHace 3 días

    Yes Ramy!!! I've been waiting for a Super Jet!

  80. Nandar Setiawan

    Nandar SetiawanHace 3 días